What to wear on different occasions?

Style defines our personalities and speaks on our behalf. It is a beautiful language we all learn to speak, one step at a time, and improves our lives every day.

We question ourselves: What am I going to wear for my friend’s birthday party? or for Christmas; Dinner date; Picnic; Golf; Basketball game, etc.?

Here is where I come in handy. Below is a list of 5 different occasions and outfits that will help with your concern.

1. Golf

If you are part of a private golf club or you just got invited and its your first time, it’s ok not to know how to play. You will learn, just make sure to dress accordingly.

What I love about golf is the unisex style where some Bermuda shorts are made for both women and men and a loose shirt or a Polo shirt combined with a pair of comfortable sneakers that we like to call golf shoes, will do it. Women may like to replace the shorts for a sporty skirt, preferably of a light color. Complement the outfit with a casual watch and you’re good to go.

2. Picnic

Summer days are coming soon and you want to be ready for a picnic out in Central Park.

I will tell you what not to do. Do not wear a short skirt because you will have to sit down on the grass and that will be, awkwardly uncomfortable!

Boyfriend shorts with a casual shirt or your favorite blouse will be perfect. If you do prefer a dress or a skirt over a pair of shorts, choose a long one, flawless, colorful or plain if you like, and wear flats or sneakers.

Have fun!

3. Showers

Aren’t we all excited about showers? It is a party of gift-giving for either a mom to be, or a bride to be. Either or, it’s special and you may want to wear something that represents kindness, not sexiness. I would choose a dress over pants because is more feminine and you can’t go wrong with it. Depending on the season, you may choose floral prints, or lighter tones that bring positivity to everyone who interacts with you. Last but not least, do not underestimate the power of pretty shoes. If you can’t wear high heels, wear a classy pair of flats. Avoid sporty outfits as much as possible.

4. A business dinner

If you got invited to a business dinner, you must be appreciated by your superiors or you might be getting a promotion. Whatever the reason is, its fundamental and critical you present yourself as a professional. Avoid a deep décolleté or provocative dress. Choose a smart-casual outfit, and if you are woman, wear dress pants, a casual dress or a pencil skirt with a blouse.

If you are man, you can’t go wrong with a suit, and based on the importance of the event, you may forget the tie for the night to give a “easy-going” vibe.

Enjoy your night out!

5. A cocktail party

I must say, cocktail parties are my all-time favorite. If it’s formal, then it sounds like the perfect night to wear your fancy evening dresses and tuxedos.

If it’s less formal, choose a unique jumpsuit or a party dress and a pair of high heels. Don’t forget to add your finest jewelry with no exaggeration. Just earrings and a bracelet. Classiness is the key to this kind of event. I would love to see you!

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