The attitude behind your style

Style says more than a million words about a person. The colors we pick, the accessories we wear, the brands we like, the shoes we own. Now think about how many times you have seen a woman barely walking on her high heels. Or the times you have seen a woman feel slightly uncomfortable wearing a short skirt and the number of times you’ve noticed her try to pull it down. All of it is in unison with the personality behind the style and it’s incredible how much of it can disclose about us.

But all of it is controllable.

Are you by any chance familiar with non-verbal communication? The subtle movements we make, how we walk, talk, what we do with our hands when we’re nervous, or if we’re scratching our neck when saying a lie. These are just a few of the things you need to be aware of and take control of when wearing a certain outfit, because it may be foolish at first glance, but not once you start moving or speaking.

Whenever you wear a fancy outfit, own it! Don’t feel intimidated by its price. Don’t tell everyone around you that you couldn’t really afford it and you will most likely return it tomorrow. Wear it as you do it every day. Self-confidence is the key to your success. If you don’t feel attractive in a dress, don’t wear it. Nor, do not give up on finding the dress will look perfect on you. It’s not rocket science, but you could be wearing a sporty outfit worth fifteen dollars and have a bossy attitude that will make people think it’s worth a thousand dollars. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your outfits in order to get attention. You make them look good with the right attitude. “Keep your head and standards high”, Coco Chanel. The takeaway from this article is to find your fashion personality and stick to it, own it, and be proud of it. (To learn more about self-confidence and the attitude of a successful woman, subscribe to receive a coaching session)