Something you can do to boost your confidence

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E.E. Cummings

Life makes you run in circles so many times that you forget what your real path is, your main focus. If you lose yourself on the way, remember to stop and acknowledge your accomplishments. 1. Observe yourself from a third-person perspective – No attachments.

Notice your behavior when you’re calm or angry, your gestures, how you speak, what you wear, how you’re wearing it (See my article The attitude behind your style), and how you walk. If often you find yourself not being truly content, make a change next time. Self-consciousness is more important than a piece of unsolicited advice. It is you, in the process of creating a better version of yourself. Embrace that and next time be more confident. 2. Take control over your feelings and self-esteem

Your character determines your fate. I don’t know how to sugarcoat this, but darling, wake up and grow up! If you don’t care about yourself, nobody will. You are worth a million bucks, no matter what they say about you. If you find yourself thinking you’re not very attractive or competent, change that.

  • Buy new clothes, change your style. Wear business-casual outfits more often, it subconsciously makes you feel smarter and bossy. Make a change where you feel most weak.

  • Do you no longer feel in shape? Sign up for a gym membership.

  • Your hair doesn’t look good? Make an appointment at your hair salon or buy a wig!

  • Treat yourself to a spa.

  • Surround yourself with those who hold near and dear.

  • Let toxic people go.

  • Buy that pair of brand new shoes that you’ve been wanting for so long.

Do all of the above and more with confidence because you just achieved something by reading this.

Often, we have an image of ourselves in our head and if we don’t see ourselves as we wish, nothing will change until we do. It’s like photoshopping our self-image. Work on your appearance and make yourself feel good about who you are. Self-esteem is not genetically transmitted. You have control over it!