How to add impact with accessories

Updated: May 25, 2020

Accessories can add a bit of juice to your personality. You choose them individually and they complement your closet in so many ways. Let me walk you through the importance of owning great accessories and the impact it has on you.

I talk a lot about confidence in my articles because I think women need to be reminded sometimes how heroic their job is on earth. Women’ add flavor in the atmosphere, through attitude, fashion, hair, nail colors, and accessories! Adding accessories to the outfit, I think, gives more importance to your style. I will only mention the everyday accessories we can’t live without. 1. Bags

Do you ever leave your house without a tiny little bag? It could be a backpack, messenger bag, the crossbody, micro-mini, a clutch, or a shopper tote. No, right? Now, you can’t wear a business outfit, high heels, and a backpack. Think about how people will perceive you. A woman who carries herself like a boss is only wearing a bag that defines her style. Leather, eye-catching, minimalistic, charming bag! 2. Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are my only option of scarves except for the cold season. Also, silk, always adds a sophisticated vibe to your persona. Accessories like scarves are versatile and very attractive must-haves in a woman’s closet. Generally, I stick to the rule that if your outfit is busy with print or lots of color then accessories should match, or at least complement each other tonally. Spend your money wisely on accessories. They can be worn for many years, with different outfits, and add class to your style!

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