CORPORATE FASHION Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Too many people have forgotten why proper business attire is essential. Corporate clothing benefits your brand identity, and if you work for a big organization, you represent the brand. Treat it accordingly.

The selection of your professional dress up may define your business and status.

Experiment and visit any crowded park or restaurant at lunchtime. Try marking out what people sitting around have worn and see if you can judge who they are, what would be their business, their status, and their competence.

After you have done that, think of your feelings when dressed up in business apparel and sitting across the casually dressed person. What did you feel? Did you see the world differently, or did you feel more intellectual, self-confident, daring, sly, mature?

That’s the answer to why CORPORATE FASHION is crucial to your business.

It has an impact not only on your customers but also on your employees.

People are driven first and foremost by intrinsic motivation, which starts with the morning debatable question, as: “what should I be wearing today?”. That’s the first daily motivational thought we all have.

It is also why I sustain a dress code at the workplace; regardless of the nature of the business you are conducting, each member or position has to have a branding code. Dress codes exist for a reason, and Charles Frederick Worth – the father of fashion, knew very well what he was doing.

Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or you occupy a large company position, your success is measured by how you dress and how you introduce yourself to people.

I have been in sales my whole life working in corporate jobs, and I can assure you that appearance makes the sale. It changes how customers look at you, and it influences their decision on purchasing from you.

People always have multiple options, and the only way to become their only option is to build trust with your knowledge, confidence, and a nice suit.

Have fun dressing up this fall! Tag me on your IG story; I would love to see your suits!