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The Luxe Reader! 

My name is Anna Maria and I’m excited to meet all of you.

I started to write about the things I love and represent me while sharing little pieces of my everyday lifestyle. I stand by the idea that fashion reveals a part of our personalities before we even say the first "hello", and it develops and changes as we grow.

I am your eyes, ears, and a daily dose of inspiration. Sharing my thoughts and knowledge on how to dress for success, build self-confidence, and grow an optimistic attitude.


I wrote the “Style your Confidence” electronic guide book to bring a series of valuable lessons based on my personal and daily experiences. I provided detailed practices, easy to follow guidelines, To-Do lists, and specific theme webinars available to join this journey. 

The goal is to make you feel beautiful, confident, look at yourself, and shamelessly acknowledge that you are enough as you are and boost your self-esteem to reach limits you were once afraid of reaching.


Thank you for stopping by, it means the world to me! 

With love,

Anna Maria

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